There is some of the greatest place in the Baja California Peninsula right in the Sea of Cortez,

the beautiful place in San Felipe Mexico next to the desert.

Here you will find everything you need to lodge yoursel and your family, all the great food the traditional

mexican food can offer, and the world famous mexican beer.


Hotel La Hacienda de la Langosta Roja San Felipe Baja Mexico

Hotel La Hacienda de la Langosta Roja

One of the best places to stay in San Felipe Baja This is a family hotel, if you want to have a relaxing vacation, La Hacienda de la Langosta Roja clean and comfortable with friendly service and quality. Stay in La
Casa la Vida San Felipe Baja California Mexico
Vacation Rentals

Casa La Vida

Upscale Condo San Felipe

Upscale Condo San Felipe

Upscale Condo San Felipe is located in a gated community within a golf course. The property has 24-hours surveillance and offers several swimming pools and a private beach area.

Things to do

Tony Reyes Fishing Tours
things to do

Tony Reyes Fishing Tours

Though fishing is the order of the day, diving, beach combing and sight seeing are optional activities to enhance your trip. The fishing season starts in March and runs until November. Early in the season you will find Giant Black
South Beach

South Beach


Nightlife in San Felipe Mexico

Enjoy some great vacations with a great Nightlife in San Felipe Mexico, if you feel like is time to party, even if the plan is to rest. It is not that you could go crazy partying like in San Felipe,

Travel Services

El Sueno Playa Resort
Real Estate

El Sueno Playa Resort

It's a touristic-residential project designed with the commitment to respect nature and the environmental conservation.| Our focus is to offer our customers a space within our over 275 acres and 1500 feet of private beach where you will enjoy the
El Dorado Ranch San Felipe Real Estate House Rentals and for Sale
Real Estate

El Dorado Ranch San Felipe Real Estate House Rentals and for Sale

El Dorado Ranch San Felipe provides a unique opportunity not found elsewhere. With everything from beautiful white sandy beaches to a 10,000 foot mountain range it's no wonder our owners and guests refer to El Dorado Ranch as Baja’s best

Where is San Felipe Mexico on a map

Settled on a beach in the state of Baja California right in the Gulf of California and the Sea of Cortez just like

two hours driving south of the US border at the Mexicali crossing line.

This longtime favourite for Holidays, Memorial Day and Springbreak due to one of the tourist town in the

Baja with nice and calm sandy beaches n a relaxed town.

Originally SF was just a sleepy calm fishing village then it turned into a tourist destination due to the convenient

location to the US border and the Natural beauties that surround it and blessed with the waters of the Sea of Cortez.

Accommodations in San Felipe BC Mexico

Looking where to stay, what to do or what to see in this Sea of Cortez beauty?

Down the road from the US border there is a place where you can disconnect yourself from the everyday routine.

Having a great location, close to the desert and sandy beaches.

This is a very small location, maybe in the middle of nowhere, and there are not large Resorts complex.

It is a destination for the explorer, and the adventurer that love to come down the border in their RV, camping, bringing their family and friends

Or just staying in modest and small places with all the services and ammenities they could ever need,

to make their visit to Mexico more comfortable.

Options goes from high end Luxurious Vacation Rentals, to camping on the beach… yeah, it is one of the most favorite lodging options.

Not just because it is cheaper, but, it is for the kind of visitor that loves to be more in touch of nature,

so camping doesn´t represents and inconvenient.

But there is something for everybody looking for a place to stay.

What to do and What to see in San Felipe Baja California

You will find plenty options like boat cruises and tours, as a family destination a beach wouldn’t be as fun without a banana boat ride.

As many of the Attractions in Baja, the beaches are the ones that attract most of the people, there are some nice places to take the sun

And enjoy of a nice day by the beach, just resting or doing all kind of activities that are so popular in the area.

Sand dunes makes a perfect spot for atv’s , attract vacationers from all over the place.

Having all the fun from the beach on your side, it is almost mandatory to enjoy of it.

Basically San Felipe Mexico is located in the desert, with lot of space and places to come and go and feel a little like the old west riding a Horse

under the Mexican Baja Sun, so Horseback riding is one of the top choices to enjoy your break, mostly in a cool nice afternoon.

ATV and sanddune buggies for the thrillseekers are availabe

There will be a great choice just to take some days off down the border, like an oldtime adventure seeker.

Located about 12 miles from the us border, close to mexicalli in the baja california peninsula.

Right in the sea of cortez (gulf of california) a small town.

A weekend getaway town, to sit back and relax awaits.

You can do some sportfishing, perhaps you wont catch a big game fish, but you shurely will catch a small one enough to have a great time fishing.

Travel Services in San Felipe Mexico Baja

It is a small location, but you will find all you could need to make your visit pleasant.

There are companies that offer services, specially transportation, from Car Rentals, ways to to move you around while in the location.

Local specialists, like profesional medical services in case you need then, to Banks and local city office to aid you in case need it, like insurence, Banks, etc.

You never know. San Felipe is a short ride from the border, but there is always important to have a fast first response to everything.

Easy weekend getaway to Baja California Norte

This small town south of the border is great for a weekend getaway, it could be a last minute, or a well planned vacations.

It is really easy to get here, and that is pretty much, why it is so popular, being so close to the border and having a nice place to lay on the beach.

There are some great places in the other side that are also close, like Rosarito and Ensenada, but their beeaches are in the Pacific side,

So it is for shure that you will find some nice locations too, but, some strong waves crashing and cold wáter from the open ocean,

Don´t get me wrong, it is also nice, but here is just like going into a Laguna or Lake.

While in Baja California Norte, there is a Resort destination by the pacific side, the port of Ensenada Baja California,

where you can go as well as San Felipe in a great road trip down of the border, or a place to stop in your way to Loreto and Cabo.