Here you will find some of the Best Attractions in San Felipe, there are many great things to see and experience.

That is why it is one of the preffered vacation spots in Mexico down off the border

Best Attractions in San Felipe

South Beach

South Beach

Playa Hawaii San felipe Baja california

Playa Hawaii Mexico

Meet Playa Hawaii Mexico San Felipe Baja California beach. A single calm beach for relaxing a few miles out San Felipe downtown. If you are looking for a quiet place to relax, visit this beach Welcome Playa Hawaii Mexico San
Malecon San Felipe Baja California Mexico

malecon san felipe

The Malecon San Felipe (Boardwalk) as in many beach front destinations Is mainly, if not, one of the biggest attractions in the place. It has many of the best components every vacationer looks for. Just facing the Mar de Cortez
San Felipe Mexico

Laguna Percebu

Camping in Baja Mexico A great place for camping almost at the edge of the sea, that is Laguna Percebu Baja California, just about 18 miles south of San Felipe. Welcome to Laguna Percebu San Felipe Baja California This Lagoon

When you think about San Felipe, you picture in your mind Cabo San Lucas and all the great things around.

Most of the attractions are the natural surroundings, like it’s beautiful beaches, some swimmable, some not.

Great birdwacthing and all kind of desert animals, like coyotes and roadrunners, just like tv cartoons.

More beautiful things to see, which is pretty much different the time you experience.

At dawn, at noon, afternoon and night also. It is like you have to see it all day long with it’s different colors and tonalities.

That is why there are tours going out all day long, like going out to wacth the dawn at sea, enjoy it by day.

An afternoon tour in a sunset cruise, and at night under the sky.

San Felipe Mexico Attractions

Most of the most liked attractions are just next to San Felipe, like the Playa Hawaii, the desert of the giants

Laguna Percebu, the San Felipe natural landmark that share the Sea of Cortez of the Baja Peninsula.

Beaches from the Pacific side that are great to stare and enjoy on their beaches, which are not swimmable, but

You can enjoy a great day by the beach being amazed of the enormous ocean and it’s colors.

And the amazing tonalities at sunset.

Explore the desert of giants

There are several trails for trekking and explore the surrounding hills and see the beautiful desert landscapes.

And Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean views.

Some other great attractions are within the city of San Felipe, for going walking and getting inmersed in a sample.

Of what a rich culture like mexican has, and can be seen in their souvenirs shops, tequila stores, artcraft galleries and of course.

The traditional mexican Restaurants in town.

Walking all around the malecon, and do some shopping for souveniers, at stores and San Felipe Shops.

I mentioned a “sample”, well, in Baja, there is a collage of hundred of thousands of people moving from mainland.

And little by little, they have brought all their traditions, crafts and culture, to this place, in a way to show it to the world.

Best things to see in the Sea of Cortez and Desert

Every season in San Felipe is different for enjoying it’s beautiful attractions, like the seasonal visit of whales.

spotting large groups of mantareys migrating, jumping trying to fly off the water,

jumping at the crashing waves at the beach.

Or the perfect time which a bed of sand forms under and all around the Percebu Lake, and make possible

To walk over and around it.

Come and Enjoy of the Attractions in San Felipe Baja California

Visiting Baja is mainly by its beautiful things to see, that put Mexico’s beauty in thousand Instagram pictures.