Best San Felipe Lodging in Baja California

Stay San Felipe Bed and Breakfast in your next visit, a convenient San Felipe Lodging for your Vacations, A perfect place where you can start your day easily, having covered the most important part of the day, breakfast.


While traveling is always a great deal to have your breakfast included in your daily hotel budget.

It is true that, when you travel, saving in food is a great deal, eating out in Restaurant everytime could be

Quite expensive, more than we think you could spend on your vacations, for that some Accommodations offer

Their breakfast included in their price, and is often offered in the same location, they may count with a Restaurant

While some other have some sections set for serving breakfast.

This type of lodge, traditionally used to be very small places to stay, with few rooms, and not much space

Pretty much like a house conditioned for a hotel, with a personal service from their owners, where people used to pay for

Their room or place to sleep and a nice breakfast. Now this days, with the concept of boutique hotels, some

Cozy and nice B and B have emerged. Some large Hotels and Resorts offer breakfast in their package

But those won’t figure in the traditional way of bed and breakfast accommodations.

Find top San Felipe Bed and Breakfast

There are some places to stay like this in town, this concept of accommodation, have become popular we expect more and more appear overtime.

Bed San Felipe Lodging in Baja California Mexico

This San Felipe Mexico Bed and Breakfast style of accommodation is used traditionally, for like one or two day stay, or for business trips.

best san felipe lodging

Now it is a great choice for great vacations, it can save you a lot money if you are coming in a budget.

Specially vacations with the family. A few bnb will make you a deal in case you don’t want to have breakfast.

And want to try something out from your lodge, which is fine, they may discount your breakfast from the rate.

San Felipe Mexico Bed and Breakfast by the beach

Well, just the idea of staying in vacations, and having your breakfast ready without going out from your location.

Makes me hungry… the traditional smell of coffee ready, bread in the toaster, bacon and pancakes.

And of course, you will have the chance to try some traditional and all time favorite mexican breakfast.