La Palapa San Felipe Baja California

Welcome La Palapa RV San Felipe and funny small trailer park
By the beach in the Sea of Cortez in a fun and distinctive
Two story palm shaded palapas bringing you
Great views of the sea as well as a nice shade
From the Baja California sun.|

La Palapa RV San Felipe overlooking the Mar de Cortez

One thing we know for shure, that your kids will love
The two story palapas as well as kids loves two story beds.
And for the grown ups too.
Just imagin yourself relaxing with a nice and beautiful view
Of the Sea of Cortez.
It is also convenientely located close to malecon
Where you can restock all your goods and suplies for your vacations.

Nice San Felipe Mexico RV Trailer Parks

If you just are loking to park your RV with all the basics
To keep it running as it should, with the electricity
Water and Sewer, and if you are travelling with your family
And want to camp by the beach with hour kids
By now this may be for you.

Trailer park reservations

Call to make a reservation directly, it is a small place
And how you can spect, very demanded on season.
Grab your tent and all your camping gear such
As a nice sleeping bag and a tent.

By the beach Close to Malecon and Downtown

There is a place of easy access, go straight to Boardwalk or Malecon.
From there is easy to get there
Worst case scenario, ask any local for Laura La Palapa RV
Or Rubens campground that is it’s neighbour.
Across the street from Marco’s.
It is right in the beach of the Sea of Cortez.