Laguna Percebu

Camping in Baja Mexico

A great place for camping almost at the edge of the sea, that is Laguna Percebu Baja California,

just about 18 miles south of San Felipe.

Welcome to Laguna Percebu San Felipe Baja California

This Lagoon or Laguna in spanish is one of the beauties this destination has to offer where a vast marine wildlife can be found.

In the northeast part of Baja California at the high point of the Gulf of California about 5 miles long and some

100 yards wide in their narrow part and three quarters of a mile wide y the widest part.

Laguna Percebu Camping

is one of the natural attractions in a tourist corridor that goes from San Felipe BC to Puertecitos MX.

It´s location and conditions make a perfect location so a wide diversity of wild life could grow in harsh

envirements and extreme temperatures.

Don’t spect to find big animals but small and beautiful birds, fish, coral crabs and sponges just to name a few.

Great things to do in Rancho Laguna Percebu

Besides to be a great natural place by the sea, it is also a great place to some activities from touring on an

ATV or it is nice to swim, do some kayaking or water sports.

Laguna Percebu Baja California

is surrounded by some recreational spots, such as Rancho Percebu, being miles away from major tourist spots,

makes this place significally special because of the lack of developments that could harm the place.

For the other side, it´s great biodiversity and charasteristics, has made this place a favourite and perfect

place for students that go and put on practice their knowledge coming from the local Marine Science School.

The combinations from both the tourist attraction and place to do great activities and the school activities t

hat take place in this place.

Make it a perfect combination to promote ecotourism activities at it´s best.

Rancho Percebu San Felipe Baja California Camping

The Laguna Percebu itself is an attraction of San Felipe Baja California, although it is located a few kilometers

away from the city center and the Malecón.

Although you would  have to travel going to  Puertecitos, you will be able to realize the beauty that this place offers,

and it is a must for all the people who come to visit Baja California, especially San Felipe.

You can go on a single day as a visit, or what is very popular camping, take your recreational vehicle RV and enjoy

a beautiful sunset, and of course, a beautiful sunrise.

For those who are looking for something more than camping in this Laguna, there is a community called

Rancho Percebú in which you can find many vacation rentals, such as villas and houses to stay and enjoy

with the whole family, with all the comforts that a house in the Beach can offer.

In addition, there is a restaurant and a bar and a covered area for camping that is even more comfortable

to cover the strong rays of the sun.

So you can come and enjoy with your whole family this lagoon which is excellent for swimming and fishing,

and this way you can spend an incredible vacation in the percebú lagoon of Baja California.