malecon san felipe

The Malecon San Felipe (Boardwalk) as in many beach front destinations
Is mainly, if not, one of the biggest attractions in the place.
It has many of the best components every vacationer looks for.
Just facing the Mar de Cortez and a beautiful sunset… you picture it.|

Boardwalk Malecon San Felipe

Is the core of the town, here you will find most of the places to shop.
Restaurants and Bars to start the day or to finish it.
Or the mainspots offering great options for activities tours to attractions.
Offers to move around and travel agencies.
And of course, if you want to own a piece of baja.
Most of the Real Estate agencies.

Town main Attraction

By itself it is the main attraction.
From here you can experience all the beauty
Of the Baja Sunrises, and Sunsets that are a bless from nature.
And the Beautiful moon every month.
Just sitting ot walking along the Malecon is a great experience.
Jogging or doing some sports too.

Things to do in San Felipe

As the main spot in town, it is a perfect place
For any kind of cultural and sport activies such as Baja250, the Shrimp Festival and Carnaval.
And the starting point for any adventure into the great natural attractions.

Just Shopping

Mexico is blessed by it’s rich heritage and culture.
It is reflected by the amount of goods from handcraft art.
To food and beberages like Tequila and Mezcal.
And traditional Mexican beers and liquors.
And lot of souvenirs for you and your beloved ones.
From local to street vendors all types of merchandise.

Restaurants and bars

Mexico is famous by it’s food, and there is a lot to choose from.
From all time traditional mexican dishes to contemporary food.
Local fisherman bringing fresh seafood to your plate.
You will experience seafood the mexican style, you will love it!.
And for some looking for something less traditional or Mexican
Italian,Mediterranean , American, Pizza or Jappanese and Sushi.


In town, here is the place to be at night for party.
Live music playing as well as top pop music.
A great place to enjoy with your friends
Enjoy some cocktails and dance or chill and talk with friends.

Where is located?

San felipe is a very little town, so almost any street leads to here.
It is a walking distance from most Accommodations in town.
It is easy tho reach it, ask anyone and they will easily point you.

Where to Stay

Hotels, RV trailer parks and camping spots are convenientelly located.
Some right on the beach, and some other a few blocks away from.
There a place for any style or budget check rates and reservations.