Playa Hawaii Mexico

Meet Playa Hawaii Mexico San Felipe Baja California beach.

A single calm beach for relaxing a few miles out San Felipe downtown.

If you are looking for a quiet place to relax, visit this beach

Welcome Playa Hawaii Mexico San Felipe at the Sea of ​​Cortez

There are a lot of things to do, as many as a calm beach can offer.

Bring your food, drinks, a shade and family for a day of fun a nice sandy beach, safe for swimming and do all kinds of activities.

Like kayaking, paddleboarding, horse and atv riding.

Or just sit back and enjoy all the wonders of the sea of ​​cortez.

Just outside San Felipe Centro (downtown), south by the highway.

Things to do in Playa Hawaii San Felipe Baja Mexico

As well as in any other beach that is in San Felipe, they are practically the same activities, the beach is close to the city near

the Malecon and the sand of the beach as well as the sea is calm So one You can enjoy a rich afternoon

doing paddle boarding, or swimming on the beach, just relaxing, maybe doing yoga or exercise.

Now the possibilities are as great as your imagination is.

Where to stay Hotels and Resorts

This beach is very close to downtown San Felipe, if there are no hotels or resorts to stay in this location,

well if you really want to stay overnight, camping may be a good idea, the beach It lends itself to accommodate your tent and the sand is soft enough to serve as a good bed.

Maybe goods in a recreational vehicle with which you can park near the beach and fully enjoy this location is one of the most favorite and preferred of visitors.

San Felipe Beach Camping

This is because in addition to the tranquility is a beach in which one can be lying all day quietly enjoying the view and the sea breeze.

the sunsets and of course the sunrises are something that should not be missed.

If camping or not coming in a recreational vehicle is not an option for you, you can go to the

beach as a day trip and enjoy a place to later return to your hotel Villa or San Felipe house.


There are lot of Real Estate and properties for rent and sale.

You can also bring your tent, or RV to park and enjoy.

There are no hotels yet, but it is beauty and location.

It is a perfect place for a beach front hotel.

Without doubth, there will be one soon.


Playa Hawaii Mexico Map

Visiting one of those beaches near San Felipe, how you see it, the Playa Hawaii could be one of the main

activities when you come to visit this destination, this small tourist town.