Retire in San Felipe Baja California Mexico

Keep in mind your Retirement Retire in San Felipe Baja California Mexico.

Mexico is one of the places most foreigners love to retire.

And that is of the warm weather, the lovely places and friendly people.

Living Retirement Retire in San Felipe Baja Style

There are many places people outside Mexico loves for retiring.

desde Lake Chapala’s Ajijic, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos

Just to name a few, because almost any place is great.

The food is great, the house is low (compared to US or Canada).

Cost of goods are far less expensive.

Services are cheaper, and Medical attention

Are high quality and more affordable as well as medicines and treatements.

Many Services are covered with US Medical Insurance.


Baja California Retirement

If you are at a point where you are planning your retirement, and you enjoy living in a place like on the beach,

this could be a good option for you, it is one of the best places to retire in lower Mexico, and one of the

few that still represents a good option to invest and make more of your retirement money.


One of the advantages of retiring in Baja California is in itself the proximity to the United States border,

which, in case of any problem or contingency or unforeseen, one can make a short trip to the United States if necessary ,

when you really look for or need something that is not in place like San Felipe.

This small town and is small and may have many shortcomings, but that is why it is a good

option At the time of retirement for its geographical location.

Living in San Felipe Baja California

San Felipe is a good place to retire is located in the municipality of Mexicalli in the Sea of ​​Cortez,

could be considered very similar to the city of Rosarito Although it is smaller and less visited by tourists.

which represents a great attraction since it is not a very noisy place and you can enjoy even more what its beaches and the desert.

part of Great attraction especially if you live in the southern part of the United States, is that the

climate is similar to this is not much difference so a change of location would not be a big problem.

Retiring in Baja Mexico Retiring in Baja

California represents a great advantage Since in Mexico the cost of supplies, food, and things necessary

for daily life are even cheaper than in the United States.

the advantage lies on the one hand in how we continue aging the need for medical services is increased,

and that is not a general rule but to take it into account. so if an emergency arises and requires more and

better medical care, the services that can be obtained in the United States are very close.

San Felipe itself is a good place to retire, friendly people and the opportunity to acquire a property at a very good price.

For a fraction of what you would get in the United States is a reality.

the cost of daily life could be said to be reduced to one third of what would be spent in any city in the

United States and that we are not comparing with cities like San Diego.

given that these places live mainly from American tourism, most of its inhabitants speak fluent English,

so if you do not have a good Spanish you will not have difficulty communicating with the people who live in this town.

In addition to the large number of veterans and retired people who have lived in this place for years,

you will always have someone to talk to and maybe ask for advice and recommendations to live fully

and comfortably in Baja California.

part of the advantages being close to the border is the proximity to major cities in which one can find

entertainment, places to buy restaurants parks bookstores and much more, in case you want to leave a

bit of the routine of a flown as small as It’s San Felipe.


Cover Corcerns

You may be asking yourself if Mexico is the place for you

In the matter of safety and security, right?

Because living in gorgeus beach destination with a perfect weather

For a fraction of your current cost is not an issue, right?

Well, you can ask for hundreds of thousands of people living accross Baja.

Learn from their experience, and why not.

San Felipe is conveniently located that you

can eat down and take a weekend to experience this place.

Watch the place and talk to expats by the malecon.

Look for rental properties, or even better some Real Estate opportunities.

As a investment or more permanent stay.

Foreigners are welcome

Not to mention that mexican loves foreigners.

They treat them as friends or like family.

They are very important as visitors and withdrawals

Form an important part of the local economy.

And they will be happy to give you a very warm welcome anytime.

Retire in San Felipe Baja California Mexico
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Retire in San Felipe Baja California Mexico
Keep in mind your Retirement San Felipe Baja California Mexico. Mexico is one of the places most foreigners love to retire. And that is of the warm weather, the lovely places and friendly people.