San Borja Hotel San Felipe

Make your trip more relaxing and affordable at San Borja Hotel, we have a direct access to beach within

walking distance and enjoy the great views.

Start your weekend getaway in this great accommodation just a few steps away from the calm

waters of the Sea of Cortez.

Having a nice shaded pool and a great beach next to it, is the perfect combination for some great relaxing time just a few miles from the Border.|

Walk to Playa Bonita Beach in San Felipe Baja California

We convenientely have a direct access to beach, within walking distance and enjoy the great views and spend a great day,

morning, afternoon right a the beach, and located a few blocks from the Malecon.

Go get and ice chest filled with some cool Coronas, bring some food and enjoy Baja San Felipe´s style.

Come to live the great experience of San Felipe in St Borja Hotel, here you will have all you could need to have a

memmorable away from the busy schedules.

San Felipe B.C. San Borja Baja California Hotel Amenities

  • Complete bathroom
  • 2 beds
  • Refrigerator
  • Chairs and table
  • Wi-fi
  • Cable TV
  • Air conditioning
  • Private Parking
  • 24 hours security
  • Beautiful Swimming Pool.

San Felipe Baja California has prepared a lot of things for you.

Full equiped with twin beds, you can lodge easyly the whole family, counts with a fridge so you can store the catch of the day after a fishing trip.

Don´t miss any of your favorite TV show, and be in contact with the world with the internet access.

The whole point of vacations is to disconect… but, you can keep yourself updated with the world.

AC for those super hot summer days to cool off or having a great sleep at night, a private spot with twenty four hours a

day surveillance you don´t have to worry about where did you park your car on the street.

Great Pool

A great and shaded area with a delightful pool, what else do you need?

Well, stores for groceries and beer at hand, Restaurants and Bars at walking distance, Malecon (boardwalk)

and some other local attractions, as well as some local activities and things to do.

San Borja Hotel San Felipe Baja California Map

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