San Felipe Spring Break

The best San Felipe Mexico Spring Break 2019

Once in a lifetime San Felipe Spring Break is a experience you should do, for the people living close the border, a spring break destination just a driving distance from home in the Baja California, for this 2019.

best San Felipe Spring Break 2019

The location close to the border, and some of the largest locations close to Mexico, Makes this small fishing town a favorite location for spring breakers, that have brought memories for years.


The best place for San Felipe Spring Break 2019

The whole month, this town gets busy by visitors, that for many reasons that go from being conveniently located, Just a driving distance from the border, you can pack your stuff and your friends and hit the road to baja, Is a much more affordable way to get there, than taking a plane to Cabo, Puerto Vallarta or Cancun.

There are a much more affordable ways of accommodations for this 2019 San Felipe Spring Break, from hotels and resorts, and vacation Rentals, to The RV trailer parks and camping sites, for you and your friends, you can pack your tent and that’s it.

Lots of party all over San Felipe from downtown to malecon and beaches, just coming and going a the way.


Start planning your next 2019 San Felipe Mexico Spring Break

You don’t need of much time to plan your break, make your budget, gather your friends and go have a great time.

Everything like food and beverages are way cheaper than the us, you could have more from your money.

If you don’t have a large budget to go other places, or you just love this location for a break, don’t think twice this season.

All people in San Felipe will be happy to host you, and provide with the best experience, because they know,

You can come back later, maybe not on a spring break, and with a larger budget, they just want you to fall in love with the place.


Rosarito Mexico Spring Break

Rosarito Mexico Spring Break 2019

A great party time awaits you this year at the San Felipe Mexico Spring Break, in the middle of the desert in some remote locations in Baja.

Safe and close to home, you won’t spend the whole day driving, but will be a nice road trip.

A great idea could be going from town to town partying, visiting Ensenada, Rosarito, San Felipe and Rocky Point.


Ensenada Spring Break


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San Felipe Spring Break in Baja California Mexico for 2019
Article Name
San Felipe Spring Break in Baja California Mexico for 2019
There is some of the greatest place in the Baja California Peninsula right in the Sea of Cortez, the beautiful place in San Felipe Mexico next to the desert. Here you will find everything you need to lodge yoursel and your family, all the great food the traditional mexican food can offer, and the world famous beer.