Best Vacation Rentals in San Felipe Mexico

Get some San Felipe Rentals by Owner for your next vacations in Baja California, from a nice Villa, House, Condo or Apartment a great choice to accommodate you in your next vacations.


All kind of San Felipe Beach Rentals

This San Felipe Vacation Rentals has been popular for years, but it have become more and more popular thanks to the new platforms online that lets you find more and more different options like the traditional way of accommodation, and the rise of a new kind of traveller looking for some extra experiences while vacationing and exploring.

San Felipe Beach Rentals

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Best Vacation Rentals in San Felipe Baja California Mexico


Nice Vacation Rentals in San Felipe Mexico with Pool

This area of ​​Baja California is far from being a beach in the Mexican Pacific, but that does not mean that it has an excellent climate to enjoy outdoors and why not cool off in those warm days in the pools that San Felipe Beachfront Rentals could have.

Long Term Rentals San Felipe Mexico


There are many amenities within the property and it is in itself a great addition that gives a great value for your money, the climate that you have here in the Baja makes it perfect to be enjoyed either in the pool , enjoying with the family a rich barbecue.

While private San Felipe House Rentals with Pool, some others are in private developments in which the use of the pool can be shared.

it has already been part of the amenities of the residence community in which it is located, or using the facilities of a hotel to which it belongs or have a special agreement for the use of these amenities as well as others that are shared among themselves.

This does not mean that they are very busy pools, but certain restrictions may apply and it is necessary and advisable to pay attention to these in order to fully enjoy them.

With the Beach Front Condo Rentals you could have several things that the traditional hotel doesn’t offer, well, just generally speaking, personalized service and decorations, that could match in this case, the boutique hotels, to be able to stay in a place that is going to be, just like a friends home.

You will be guest from the very owner and persons or small companies, looking to fill your needs, managing those places for rent.


San Felipe Long Term Rentals

For extended vacation times south of the US border are a good option to stay, these Long Term plans can be extended from a few days up for weeks and months, making an excellent option to have a more permanent stay, and while saving some money, staying at San Felipe Long Term Rentals

Long Term Rentals San Felipe Mexico

These can be arranged directly with the owneror the one in charge of those properties, and reach an agreement to stay for a longer period without losing the great advantages and amenities of staying in a vacation property by Baja California.

Getting a Long Term Rental Properties in Baja California Mexico is especially favorable in high seasons, especially during the winter season, since while in your country of origin you find snowing and with very low temperatures, in a place like Baja California you have a Nice weather during this entire period.

We know that many of the visitors want to escape the unfavorable weather conditions in their countries of origin, but really a few days may not be enough to escape from those cold conditions in their country, it is quite useful for be able to stay even for the whole winter season or the cold months in your country, enjoy for weeks the rich climate and hospitality that these Mexican villages offer them taking advantage of the benefits they provide.

It will undoubtedly be a way to feel at home in a country different from the one of origin, so you can enjoy a beach front property with friends and their families, and you can even host them and host them if necessary and share with them all the beauties that surround this tourist destination.


Nicely located Beach Front Properties

One of the best things you could get from a Beach Front Rentals, is in fact, it’s location.

While other kind of Resorts or hotels have to handle large spots or locations to build their rooms.

A rental could be found in almost any place of the destination, with all kind of services, views and locations you could not get usually in a hotel.

Well, with the vacation ownership programs that are available, owners also make a rental of their property, giving you not just the vacation rental advantages, but to get something of what great Resort developments have:

Great Amenities, and a great service.

Just like premier resort chains.


San Felipe Mexico Vacation Rentals by Owner

Staying in a rental for any occasion is great, maybe the reason to choose this accommodations could go from, saving you some money finding a nice place, having the chance to place more people than in a hotel room, having all you need like home, to cook your own meals if you want to.

San Felipe Vacation Rental

Getting a better location, or as many that don’t like to stay in San Felipe Accommodations that is merely a business, and want to stay to a place that feels like your friends home.

It is currently more common to find proprties where one can deal directly with their owners, those people who put special care in something that belongs to them and in this way you can be sure that you will get something with the best quality.

Many of them are owned by people who have decided to start new businesses, and seeing the potential that this area of ​​Baja California has in particular, it transformed into a reliable business turning into a considerable amount of homes and appartments for rent.

They can be used as an option of the of what a direct deal can be, like we mentioned earlier, with the people who are in charge of managing those vacation properties.

Dealing with the very owner is especially useful because one can ask for certain special things in advance with the people in charge of those properties, you will make some friends that will help you with what you need.

The personalized treatment is exceptional, since it could be your new friend away from home, and your main interest is that you enjoy these holiday.